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When you start industrial work, make sure you get your Titanium from Express Metals Co. We have all the products you need to ensure the success of your next project.

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Commercially Pure Titanium Grades 1-4

Titanium Alloys 6Al-4V(Grade 5) & 6Al-4V ELI


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Find the right grade of Titanium for your application with incredible Titanium supplies and service at Express Metals Co in Camarillo, California. Welcome to Express Metals Co full service Titanium supplier for all your needs. We have 49 years of experience distributing Titanium to businesses and individuals both nationally and internationally. At Express Metals Co, we work closely with Aerospace and Medical custom manufacturing industries, specializing in Titanium Foil, Sheet, Plate, Bar, Tubing and Wire. We are also a DFARS™ compliant company. Our pricing is competitive and we have on-time delivery. We offer Medical Grade in Commercially Pure Titanium Grades 1-4 per ASTM F67 and Titanium alloy Grade 6Al-4V ELI per ASTM F136

Besides Titanium - Express Metals are also distributors of Foil & Light Gauges in Coil Stock from our Producing Mill with excellent lead times in Nickel/Nickel Alloys including AM350.

ALLOYS AVAILABLE  (Gauges ranging from .002" to .020")

Nickel 200/201

Monel 400

Inconel 600, 625 & 718

Hastelloy C276

Hastelloy X

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